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Sean Oconnayl is approached by a tall, fair-haired man with Druidic tattoos. This man is Alec O'Shaugness, sworn to Aengus Ohg. He demands Sean's aid in capturing the Hand of Poseidon, who is rumored to be nearby. In exhchange for his help Aengus Ohg promises to furnish Sean with an estate in the plane of Mah Mel. Poseidon earned the ire of the irish love god by having his way with one of Aengus Ohg's mistresses, and refusing to return her. In revenge he plans to take Poseidon's Hand, and his ally Athena will take this city under her aegis, through her Hand, the virgin Advisor. Mannanon Mac Lir approaches Sean later to dissuade him. Aengus Ohg is not to be trusted, he warns. Aengus has been making deals across pantheons, gathering favours unto himself, and building personal power.