GM Notes (Overview): Edit

The Librarian reaches out to Alexis to retrieve a stolen artifact: The book of Kells. This tome of curses was taken from the Library by one of the inner collection guards for Lee Nigel, Lord of Crows, the latest in a long line of sorcerers. He keeps it in his fortress mansion, while he tries to unlock its secrets. Locks, guards, and wards galore.

  • All doorknobs & handles are iron, and barbed.
  • All circles are traps, warded to capture all who don't have a talisman.
  • If any book in the library is removed by anyone other than Lee Nigel, the statues attack.
  • The threshold is a base +2.
  • Perimeter ward has a mental attack, placing a mild consequence of 'befuddled' (16 shift ward).
  • Door is warded with a block causing paralysis (8 shift ward).
  • Each circle is a trap for fae and other supernatural creatures (10 shift containment).
  • The air has a low concentration of iron dust on the first and second levels. This disrupts fae magics.
  • First floor: Four demons trapped in statues patrol the floor.
  • Second floor: 22 demons trapped in statues, inside circles. The circles release if any books are removed from the library by anyone other than Lee Nigel.
  • Servants on the top floor are fae Nymphs.
  • The waterfall houses a Fossgrim, a creature of the Nevernever whose body is composed of water.