Overview Edit

Mildred Skavis is a White Court Virgin who specializes in helping children who have been traumatized by the supernatural.

Aspects: Edit

High concept:

  • White court virgin seeks happy ending


  • Pushy relations

Phase aspects:

  • Bred in the bone
  • Don't trust verify
  • Give kids the chance
  • Single minded teacher
  • Rich in money, poor in spirit

Early life Edit

Mildred grew up in her family's ancestral castle in England. She worked hard, and excelled in school, shooting and lore classes. But everyone grows up. As a young woman, she faced tremendous pressures to join the Skavis family business and jockey for power in the Court of the White King.

Leaving home Edit

When she learned about what she called the 'family curse,' and her parents called 'what separates us from the kine,' Mildred knew she had to get out. After several failed escapes, she finally managed to get away to the one place her family couldn't reach her: The middle of the prairies.

Coming to the attention of the Spooks Edit

Mildred discovered that a group of brownies were stealing children. Once she became aware of it, she had no choice but to swing into action: Saving the children from the brownies, and returning them to their parents. In the process, she came to the attention of James Tyveck, and he recruited her to his Spook Squad.

Life after the spooks Edit

After working with the Spook Squad for a time, Mildred found that their high-risk lifestyle wasn't for her. She instead opened a group home for children who had been traumatized by encounters with the supernatural. Mildred's Home for the Bereaved became a sort of sanctuary for her, where she could stave off the pull of her Skavis nature.