Joshua Isa was the leader of the contingent of Red Court Vampires in Saskatoon in Season 1 of the Spook Squad series. He ruled the Red Court presence in the province of Saskatchewan from his several story building that used to be where the CN rail yards are in modern Saskatoon. This facility went by the name of Bandera Management Solutions, and its wholly owned subsidiaries: Panther Security, Crimson Clad Gentlemens Club, and Tooth & Claw Liquor. This building was demolished by the Spook Squad and their allies in the episode: NaCl on the Reds

Following the deaths of himself, his wife and Countess Elisabet Isa, and their daughter Josephine Isa, the Red Court decided to reposition themselves in this area. This triggered the appointment and dispatch of Evelyn Summers to implement her plan for "A kinder, gentler Red Court of Vampires" to deal with the turbulent local supernatural community.